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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by hobnobsandtea, Oct 28, 2005.

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    I am one of the new Technicians in a Computer Society. The current state of the machines is not good, so we have decided to move to a Linux (Mandriva 2005 Special Edition) server to simply authenticate the user accounts.

    Now, both techs and most of the committee have never used linux, and are Windows Users, however due to budget constraints and demands for linux, we as stated have decided to migrate. We desperatley need a tutorial to set up a SERVER for User Account Authentification, one which will communicate with the clients (9 of which) which will be running 2k or XP Pro.

    The actual existance of the society is in the balance, and if this is not sorted out within the week, we may have to shut it down (licensing).

    So please, any and every post/comment/how to would very much be apprechiated.

    -Thank You
  2. hobnobsandtea

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    Alright, so I was chatting to a Lecturer who suggested using SWAT which is a SAMBA wizard, now I thinking I have it installed, and I can access it through the browers, but what next, how to I set up the Network Authentification, what settings do I use on the server, on the clients(windows), and how to I add users, passwords, and restrictions.

  3. themachine

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    SWAT is a Graphical configuration utility to manage Samba. Samba *does* do authentication, but I'm not exactly sure that is what your looking for. Samba is a File Server application... indended to allow a Linux server share files to Windows clients. For security of the data, you can setup authentication in order to allow access to the files.

    If this sounds like what you are looking for, setting up users is fairly easy.


    You must have a "system" account, as well as a "samba" account. Adding a linux "system" account, you simply execute one of the following commands:
    adduser <username>
    useradd <username>
    They both perform similar actions, but have different features. Once you add the user you can set up a password:

    passwd <username>

    Once you have a system account setup, you need to add them to the Samba user database. Execute the following command to add a Samba user:

    smbpasswd -a <username>
    And that is how you add a user... for Samba File Server.

    I'll try and do some research if you can maybe explain a bit more what exactly you want this server to do... JUST authentication.... or File Server access, etc...
  4. hobnobsandtea

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    The Server is simply for authentification of users. We have a very low spec server which will run linux, but would be woeful if we were to run applications off of it.

    So simply for authentification. I need to know before tuesday what to do, as its the only day I have the time to implement this, and after this tuesday the UNI will call us into question.
  5. falko

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    Authentication what for? For what service? :confused:
  6. hobnobsandtea

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    I though my initial post explained it all !

    I want to know the steps/procedures involved in setting up a SERVER to run LINUX using SAMBA to authenticate 9 windows 2000 clients.
  7. falko

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    No, you didn't say a word about Samba.

    Did you try what themachine suggested? Also, have a look at There are some links to further information. :)

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