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    GREAT JOB!!!
    (Falko - I'll pick this up here, since it really belongs over here instead of in the Ubuntu Server thread)...
    (If you'd like, I could screen cap this whole thing and up it to you for those trying to install and configure this and needing a bit more "visual" approach...)

    Here's where I am so far...

    ISPConfig 2.2.1 is installed and running fine on the main server.

    Read through the documentation completely before I started... (wow - a real page-turner!)

    First - Is there something that we can do about the admin session timeout? (OSC/CRE has a solution to this, and since it appears as thought the backend to ISPConfig is of the Joomla/Mambo genre, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out)

    FIRST - Management -> Server -> Settings (This should really be somewhere near the top, don't you think?)

    Server - Filled in the form... I listed two of my additional IP addresses (I own 11, but am only going to be using 3 for now)

    Web - doc root was set as /var (as done during the Ubuntu server install), although my /var is only 7Gb, and my /home is 25Gb...
    I left Suexec off here... (Need a little clarification on what this is and what are the benefits/consequences of turning it on)

    Mail - I'm using Postfix... Maildir, Save Log, Spamfilter - all checked
    (Dev Note: These Logs SHOULD ROLL!)
    I set the admin, antivirus email, dns admin emails all to the same address

    FTP - I'm using ProFTP. Save Log Checked

    DNS - Default ns1 and ns2 are to me, although I will change ns2 to my ISP DNS Server (AFTER THIS IS DONE!!! - Big Gotcha Here: I currently have my production sites and mail server on a shared host account with the ISP temporarily until this server is up. I tried linking to their DNS, which ALREADY contains a web/mail server by the name I am setting up here... DON'T DO IT!!!) It caused a major collision... As soon as I reset ns 1 and 2 back to me it all calmed down again...
    Default MX is checked


    Other: So far, I left this empty since I'm using ISPConfig to administer my own server (DNS/Mail/FTP/WEB) and don't have any resellers or clients...
    I do think that when I get the production sites up with the dev/test sites behind them, it might not be a bad idea to use some of this (but I digress)
    Although - it would be nice if somehow I could link these into contact forms from the web sites...

    btw - SALUTATORY is incorrect... Salutation is the correct form of the word you are looking for

    SECOND Mangement->Server->Status
    Status: Everyone's awake and happy, no excessive usage (Of course! It's a fresh install)

    Main Memory: looks good

    CPU: - A few questions here: what do these mean?
    fdiv_bug: no
    hlt_bug: no
    f00f_bug: no
    coma_bug: no
    wp: yes
    flags (I'm pretty sure these are compile flags)
    bogomips: 2768.89

    Services: Web, FTP, SMTP, POP-3, BIND, mySQL - all Online
    (Not sure why we don't see the firewall here)

    THIRD Management->Server->Services (Odd that this should be here and above with different options)

    All components are happy - Here's the firewall! - I turned this on (I have yet to find out in the docs WHICH firewall this is, so I'll update you on this when I know)

    FOURTH ISPConfig Database->Check Database
    (Not that I would expect to find anything, but just to see that the sql script runs ok, and I get an "OK" status for the tables...

    These next couple I had a go at just to see what's here
    I had a look at the "Update" folder - shouldn't the default url be to ?
    This section should definitely be a bit more documented, since I would like to at least grab phpmyadmin (for starters). Maybe even a dropdown of what app's are available/recommended as add-ons for ispconfig...

    System Config
    Common - empty tab... hrmm this needs a little investigation
    ISP Manager - pre-setting the control numbers is ok, but - how does the User Prefix work? and can it be customized? Would anyone want to customize it?

    Ok, that's where I am... My plan is to set this up as follows:
    111.222.333.100 -
    111.222.333.101 - first web site
    111.222.333.101 - first web site (test/dev)
    111.222.333.102 - second web site
    111.222.333.102 - second web site (test/dev)

    Falko/till - if you've got some suggestions on configuring this, now's the time...
    I'll document as I go, so if there are prob's we'll all know about them here...

    Basically, I don't think I _need_ to setup a reseller in order to do this, but i'm going to anyway - partially because i'm sure it would add to the documenting of configuring this app, and partially because, logic being what it is, we don't want to upset the gods...

    (btw - What ever happened to codonco? - it seems he locked himself out of his own server) ....
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    Ok... onward and upward...

    I added a reseller with these parameters...
    Group: admin
    Title: same company as the server
    Folder: Reseller
    Master Data: filled in the usual - blah, blah, blah
    Web address: http side of this server (works ok)
    email: entered a webinfo@ address... (Not quite sure if ISPConfig adds these addresses to postfix or not - the documentation doesn't say so, but it seems to be generally inferred that these addresses are being added somewhere...)

    Limits: I set all of these to -1 (for now)

    DNS, HTTPD, Shell, CGI, Standard CGI, Anonymous FTP - Unchecked

    PHP, SSI, FTP, MySQL, SSL, WAP, Individual Error Pages - Checked

    Number of databases: -1

    LOGIN DATA: setup a user/pass

    STATS: All 0 (what else, it was just created!)

    OTHER: Again, I'm leaving these out for the moment...

    Very straightforward...

    (See about linking back to the same page you left when you save... it's a little annoying from a user's perspective to be thrown back to the menu every time)
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    Ok... Added the first client... Here's what I used...
    Group: Reseller company
    Title: Client Company
    Folder: Clients (I assume that if it were under the Reseller's folder, and the reseller is removed, the client would be gone as well, so I put this under Clients, since I saw something in the docs that indicated that Resellers could be removed if Clients were re-assigned to Admin)
    Filled in the rest of the form - blah, blah, blah
    Added [email protected]

    SITE MANAGEMENT - Skipped this tab for a minute...

    LOGIN DATA: Added user/pass

    BILL: RE-ENTERED MASTER DATA (this should be filled in by default, if possible... Also, There is no STATE/PROVINCE FIELD ON THIS FORM!)

    Payment: Other (for now)

    STATISTICS: 0's (of course, it's brand new)


    I went back to the reseller and changed the folder from Resellers to Admin...

    Now the reseller shows up as a separate link in the folder tree under admin AND as a separate branch on the tree... The separate branch shows the client now...
    hrmmm - this definitely needs looking into. Another word of caution: I was curious when the client didn't show up at first, so I refreshed the page... THIS MADE THE ENTIRE PAGE GO BERSERK! The top level navigation disappeared altogether, and I had to log out and back in in order to clear it up...

    Now, I went back to revisit the Site Management tab...

    Site: New
    Reseller: pre-filled
    Customer: pre-filled
    Hostingplan: (I haven't defined any, so it's pre-filled as "Individual Settings"
    Group: Reseller Name
    Title: Customer SIte Name
    Folder: I put this under the Resellers folder (Am I going to have the same problems here as above?)
    Server: pre-filled
    Hostname: pre-filled as www (hrmm - why is this here?)
    IP Address: WOW! I'm impressed... I entered a list of 3 ip's and here I have the drop down with those addresses... NICE! I chose the right one...
    Create DNS: Checked
    Create MX: Checked
    Space MB, Traffic MB, Max User, Max Domain - all set to -1 (for now)

    Shell access, CGI, Standard CGI, PHP Safe Mode, Anonymous FTP, Individual Error Pages - all Unchecked
    PHP, SSI, FTP, MySQL, SSL, WAP - Checked
    Number of Databases - 1

    ??? Mailuser Login: ??? Can't find any documentation on this in any of the online OR pdf files... (yes, I read through them all once)

    Ok, at this point, I save the basic site info...
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    I see how this is the prefix for the users added to email at the site level...
    Just for grins, I'm changing this to mgj[WEBID]_ (the three letters in our corporate name) ...

    Hope this doesn't blow up somewhere!
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    Ok - back to the site level...
    * Since each site apparently needs a site admin, I'll put that in first
    Real Name: This Sites Administrator
    Email Address: siteadmin (the rest is pre-filled)
    Username: <YourSitePrefix>siteadmin
    Password: <Your site admin's password>
    WebSpace MB: -1
    Site Administrator: Checked

    Advanced Settings: MailScan - Checked (I left everything else here alone)
    Spamfilter & Antivirus: Spamfilter/Antivirus - both checked
    Spam Strategy: Accept (for now)
    Spam Hits: 5.0
    Rewrite Subject to: *** POSSIBLE SPAM ***

    I then setup a second user here to handle incoming inquiries with the same settings as the first (accept without admin privileges)

    More to come...
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    Ok... I've purposely skipped over the Co-Domains and SSL parts for the moment -
    (Since my site will have mysql databases as their back-ends, I'll set up that part)
    Databases: <New>
    OH, NO - YOU DIDN'T!!!!
    Database Name NEEDS TO BE USER-SUPPLIED!!!!!
    a Database called: "web1_db1" is USELESS

    So, going with the LAME preset database name and database user name for the moment, enter the password...

    I selected remote access, since I will probably need it (I'm thinking that this is so that I can access this db by phpmyadmin - if I'm wrong, someone please correct me)

    SSL - Fill in the top part of the form, choose "Create Certificate" in the Action drop down, and <Save>. Both the SSL Request and the SSL Certificate blocks are filled in. If you need to apply for a cert, you would copy the SSL Request text and send it to your authority requesting the certificate. When they email the cert itself back to you, you would paste that text into the SSL Certificate textarea and <Save>
    If you need certs, check out CACert ( ... SSL Certs issued from this organization are free.
  7. gymsmoke

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    Ok - I'm a little stumped here... The last piece of the basics is the Co-Domain tab...
    What I would like to do is have the following: on IP address 111.222.333.444
    AND on the same IP (for testing, upgrades, etc)...

    Am i understanding that this is the correct place to do this?

    I'm going to try it and see - PLEASE CORRECT ME if I'm heading down a dark hole here!

    Domains: <New>
    Hostname: dev
    Create DNS, Create DNS MX - checked.
    Options: Local mailserver

    Went back and checked the files... it seems as though this is correct!
  8. gymsmoke

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    Here's where I get a little hazy... DNS Manager


    It seems that I saw a note in passing through the rest of the documentation that said that the main server would have an 'A' and an 'MX10' record added be default, but on checking the conf files (btw - ISPConfig is updating the WRONG FILES!!!!)
    named.conf.local is the place for updating local dns records (at least according to what i've read on bind9...)

    So far, I have a pri for the Network, for the main server domain (which I added since I didn't see the "default"), and a pri for the first domain added.

    Falco/Till - If you have some _real_ experience at setting up the dns and mail, I'd be more than happy to spend some consulting time with you to get this right - this is a production server that I need to get finished. I don't mind helping out with the documentation, testing, etc., but on the other hand, this is how I eat...
  9. gymsmoke

    gymsmoke New Member

    ... I decided to remove the second site from the mix for the moment, since I have a domain by that name on a share host temporarily and didn't want to create any collisions...

    HOWEVER, the files still exist!!!!

    Big Bug...
  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Hm, it's working for me, but I'll check again...
  11. gymsmoke

    gymsmoke New Member

    The removed site pri files still exist here...
    Also, bind9 entries should be made in the conf.local file. There isn't a need to write zone files for this at all.

    Can you offer some assistance along these lines ?
  12. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Are you looking for professional support? Then have a look here:

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