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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by manski, Mar 16, 2006.

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    I've read the howtos about setting up an dns server on this site but I'm still a little bit confused about all that stuff. My problem is: I wanted to set up a dns server so that I'm able to manage the subdomains of my domain from my server itself. (That means, I want to create and delete subdomains by using a script and not the administration front-end brought to me by my webhoster.)

    I've read in this forum that I have to wait about 72 hours until there are some ... updates. (Well... actually, I don't really know what this is about. Anyway...) So there are some question:

    • I've read that you need two servers to set up an dns server. Is that right? (Because I've only one server with one IP address.)
    • My webhoster offers me a web front-end to manage the DNS records for my domain. There are also two NS entries. Am I done, if I set these two NS records to my domain name ( and create an A record to my IP address? Or what are they for?
    • If it's not possible to manage the subdomains with my own dns server - is it then possible to set up an dns server for a subdomain, let's say for, so that I can manage subdomains like

    There are some more question but this will be a start for me.
    Thanks for your answers.

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    I did read this tutorial but it didn't answer my questions. If it had solved my problems, I wouldn't have asked here. :(
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    You can do it with just one name server, but normally you should have two.

    You must specify two name servers here that hold the DNS records for your domain.
    The DNS records must be set up on these two servers before you specify them in this interface.

    You can manage subdomains with your own DNS servers.

    You should also have a look here:

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