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  1. rfnx

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    ISPC is linking wrong webfolders to the clients:

    I made a fresh install of ISPC and added my two domains after I configured the client.

    The FTP Acount is linked wrong! the data was uploaded to /client1/web2 but the site is /client1/web3.
    I tried to configure the directory in FTP User / Options but I get an error telling "Directory not inside of web root directory."
    Then I deleted the FTP User and configured a new but this one was linked to /client1/web4 o_O

    I also tried to resynch FTP-Accounts but that didnt solve it!

    What do I have to do to get the FTP Account linked to the correct web folder?

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  3. till

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    Like @Taleman mentioned, it matters only to which site you attach the FTP user, the path on options tab is set correctly for the website you attached the user to and should not be altered. Altering it to another site, as you did, must raise an error as you can not access a different site than the one the FTP user belongs to.

    And as a side not, if you delete a website and recreate it, it will get a different web id and therefore a different path.
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  4. rfnx

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    Thank you guys!
    I'd really overlooked to set the correct site!
    Thanks for your graeat help! Now everything is working as it should.I'll try to be more attentive next time!

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