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    Hi all. Many headaches have been had over the past few days on this one:

    I am doing a lab for a class in which we have to configure a mock network setup, with the following details.

    3 computers set up like so:
    -The first PC (gateway) has 2 NIC's... one going to external (lab) connection and the second going to the switch.
    -The switch is then connected to the two other computers.
    -View computer details below:

    1) PC1 - Fedora 9, acting as a gateway to an external connection.
    2) PC2 - Fedora 9, simply has to connect to the other machines and have access to the internet.
    3) PC3 - Windows XP PC, just has to connect to the internet.

    The problem I have, after messing with IP tables and static IP's is that PC3(winXP) can view online pages, while the PC2(fedora client) cannot. It is strange that it would act this way.

    The gateway machine has one NIC configured with a DHCP generated IP (for the external internet connection) and another with a static IP. The IP of the other two machines are static and they have a default gateway set to the IP of PC1.

    I would appreciate any help.


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