"Converting" one VHOST to ISPConfig3

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ddum, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. ddum

    ddum New Member

    Ok, I cleared out all my vhosts before I installed ISPConfig3 on Ubuntu 10.04.

    ...or so I thought. Aparently I forgot to remove 2 vhosts before I installed, and now I wonder what the best approach for integrating them into ISPConfig is?

    My dirty hack so far is to move the old vhost files into a higher priority (the old 0000-filename trick).

    That works for THOSE sites, but results in that when I create a site in ISP Config and try to browse it, the system drops me into the folder for one of the old vhosts.

    I also tried:

    1. Copy the old vhost dir
    2. Create a new vhost in ISPConfig
    3. Copy the contents back.

    But that just gives me a "Forbidden" error when trying to access.

    So, any hints/help?
  2. ddum

    ddum New Member

    In the end, i did a reinstall/migration of the software on the vhost. So I am good now.

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