Converting the db for ispconfig 3 to mariadb

Discussion in 'Technical' started by isn, Jul 30, 2014.

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    RHEL went with mariadb in 7.0 of the OS.

    I like mariadb because it has galera which has some pretty robust data replication which works site to site, providing HA capability.

    I took a copy of my mysql database off my ispconfig3 based web server, copied all the data in and then converted the system to mariadb. I currently run the app on CentOS 6 update 5.

    I was able to open the database, do basic queries and all the ISPconfig3 data was present and accounted for.

    My lab server was not capable of running the app itself due to the location and inability to deliver mail and various other issues.

    I am wondering if there are any gotcha's to going with mariadb and this app.


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    Mariadb is available in CentOS 7 and we are waiting for the maturity of the EPEL-7 beta repositories which are mandatory with ISPconfig compatibility. We have tested Maraidb in Ubuntu 14.04, OpenSuse 13.1 and the latest ISPConfig version is compatible with it.

    What I can suggest you to is that after importing the mysql database, please update the ISPConfig as follows:

    And then check again.
  3. isn

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    How I would do it in the lab first would be to remove mysql-server et al but not the data install mariadb clean and overwrite the data.

    Several times on non ispconfig boxes, I've done this run basic mysql access queries as a test and been able to retrieve and modify data.

    I actually have a lab that includes my mysql data including the ispconfig data but not the app itself, the next logical step would be to run through the install procedure and see if after following your advice ispconfig3 actually works.

    Thanks for the good advice. It inspired a workable conversion test.

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