cron jobs - how to use that feature ?

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    cron jobs - how to use that feature ? [resolved]


    I already saw in my 2.2.27 ispconfig checkbox for cronjobs, when create site. I set this feature on, but how to use it ?

    in changelog of 2.2.24:
    - Added: support for Cron Jobs.
    - A new interface for cronjobs

    How access and use that inerface for cronjobs, cause customers asking me about ?


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    Enable cronjobs for the website, then go to the user on the users tab under which the cronjob shall run and add the cronjob there on the cron tab.
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    Thanks for request, but I not have any tab for crons.

    This ispconfig in production, updated every version from 2.2.20

    What I can check to get cron working ?

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    Sorry, found. Was need to also check "Cron jobs" with user tab, under ispconfig admin user. If only enabled for site, so no this tab.


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