Cron script fails after 70 iterations

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    Description of system:
    I have the following script to update around 500 AWStats databases automatically called

    cd /usr/share/awstats/
    for file in *.conf
      CMD=`/usr/share/awstats/bin/ -update -config=$CONFIG | grep qualified`
      echo $CONFIG : $CMD
    I have set up a cron job to execute the script once an hour as root like so:
    0 * * * * /usr/share/awstats/bin/
    Running this script by hand as root works everytime without fail. When it is executed as a cronjob, it will only process the first 70 configuration files before exiting.

    /var/log/cron only shows:
    crond[29721]: (root) CMD (/usr/share/awstats/bin/
    UPDATE: Something very odd! I tried setting "ulimit -t 1800" in the script to no avail, but when I tested the cronjob by setting it to run in the next minute, I discovered that there are two processes running, but only one crond process running. I had *JUST* set this script to run that next minute so there is no other user's cronjob that could be interfering. Very, very odd indeed!

    Does cron have a timeout or some other configuration setting I should be looking at? Thank you for any assistance!
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