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    The story:
    I got a few systems, they are all the same*
    (*same: x64, Centos 6.x, same hardware)
    Others are KVM hosts, a few KVM guests on those hosts and a few
    simple servers with no panel or just a webmin on them.

    I'm building 3 different kernels (with KVM support as a guest, as a host, and none) with grsecurity patch always compiling the latest stable.
    As we speak now, grsecurity-3.0-3.2.54.

    The problem:
    I am making RPMs, I got 2 RPMs in output,
    kernel-xxx and kernel-headers-xxx.

    I install them to all my servers that I need them, that's ok.

    But how I can "automate" the procedure of mkinitrd and grub ?

    rpm -Ivh kernel-xxx or yum localinstall kernelxxx which I prefer
    they just install kernels in /boot and everything else needed.

    No lines in grub or a initramfs.
    So I need to do them by hand everytime.
    (mkinitrd and editing grub.conf by hand every single time)

    How I can avoid this ? What am I missing ? Using / messing around with other kernels from other repositories this was happening automatically.

    I only had to change the "default" line in grub.

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