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Discussion in 'General' started by maxgen, May 24, 2006.

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    Falko et al... I am just amazed at the work in ISPConfig!! What a brilliant App.

    I have just installed it on a 64 Intel box with Fed. Core5 using Falko's most excellent document - thanks Falko!!! (suggest that MySQL password stuff be done differently but other wise - superb!) It would have taken me months to get to what I have done in a few hours. However.... the issue

    I can sucessfully destroy most CMS and such WEB apps on apache but trying to come to terms with the way in which ISPconfig puts together apache, bind and mysql has me confused. What I want to use the box for is to have my personal little web running (joomla) and then provide a number of other webs for other folks to play with and mess up as they see fit. I have a DNS to my single IP which is then sent to my DMZ from the firewall/router. I have wildcards* for the domain and want to have the server resolve each of these to a different site and probably each of these to a different 'reseller' or 'client' so as to sort of sandbox them for 'playing'. I can make the DNS live to the world and try and do it this way or just use host headers. I can assign multiple local IPs to my box but I am just not sure which way would be most efficient. Simple is better I think. however having said that I have just realised that one of the IP's assigned to eth0 (as per the Perfect Setup) does not respond hmmmm.

    anyway given what I want to do does anyone have a 'best practice' for multiple sites on a single incomming IP > Router > DMZ?? i.e. when one is not an ISP and relies on the good graces of our telco friends and their reluctant acceptance of a large proportion of one's hard earned! Am I best to use DNS??:confused:
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    You must point your DNS records to your router's public IP address, and it should work then.

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