data mismatch in web_domain master db and webserver db

Discussion in 'General' started by nhybgtvfr, Jun 15, 2017.

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    as the title says, i've found that a web_domain entry on one of our servers (server id 6) contains wrong/outdated info, different to that in the master database.

    Master DB web_domain Server 12 DB web_domain Server 6 DB web_domain

    domain_id: 1527 domain_id: 1527 domain_id: 1527
    sys_userid: 26 sys_userid: 26 sys_userid: 26
    sys_groupid: 24 sys_groupid: 24 sys_groupid: 24
    sys_perm_user: riud sys_perm_user: riud sys_perm_user: riud
    sys_perm_group: riud sys_perm_group: riud sys_perm_group: riud
    sys_perm_other: sys_perm_other: sys_perm_other:
    server_id: 12 server_id: 12 server_id: 6
    domain: domain: domain:
    type: alias type: alias type: alias
    parent_domain_id: 1466 parent_domain_id: 1466 parent_domain_id: 553
    system_user: NULL system_user: NULL system_user: NULL
    system_group: NULL system_group: NULL system_group: NULL
    is_subdomainwww: 1 is_subdomainwww: 1 is_subdomainwww: 1
    redirect_type: R redirect_type: R redirect_type: R=301,L
    redirect_path: redirect_path: redirect_path:

    the domain information shouldn't be in the database for server 6 at all anymore. i've run a resync of the websites on that server, expecting that to re-get all the info from the master db, removing any extra entries and then rebuilding the vhost confs, and adding/removing anything from /var/www as necessary.
    even though the resync completes without errors, it's still got the old info in it's database.

    it may be relevant, the domain was added to server 6 before the domain limits in client module was enabled.

    what's the best was to get rid of this? one of the other resync options?
    i would just delete the record from the db, but i'm worried about any references to it from other tables, is it safe to just delete the whole record from the web_domain table on server 6?

    i've not had time to check the whole table, so afaik, it's only this one entry that's an issue. and i only found this one because it keeps adding the obsolete domain in as an alias into a vhost config that im trying to get a letsencrypt certificate for, and causing it to fail.

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    A resync updates existing data, it will not remove any data from slaves that has been removed from master before.

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