datacenter migration is done with mirrors for multi-server-setup. How to switch them to masters now?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cheecoh, May 7, 2016.

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    Hey folks,
    first of all big thanks for this lovely piece of software! Using it already for 4+ years - currently on all nodes. Looking forward for the 3.1 version :)

    As you can already guess from the description - I migrated my multi-sever-setup into the cloud, which went super-smooth so far.

    Right now the "old" master system in datacenter#1 is still up and running. The DNS entries are changed to point to the new datacenter#2 servers. With this scenario my master-nodes are in reality mirrors and my mirrors are now masters but inside the dbispconfig-master database they are still mirrors. How to change that?

    I see inside ispconfigs database tables (e.g. web_domain.server_id) that there are server-relations to the old "master" server_id. Is there some kind of magic somwhere when I disable mirroring and remove the old server from the configuration? In the end I expect that e.g. "web_domain.server_id = 1-master" will be updated to "web_domain.server_id = 2-mirror"..

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    As an addition I had already the following assumptions:
    • change the on each mirror to use the same server-id as their corresponding master
    • change manually all server_id relations to the new server_id and then simply deactivate mirroring and delete the old server entries (inside the servers-table)

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