DB alternative for ISPC in combination with Magento2?

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    Hosting ISPC 3.2.11p1 on Debian(11) with 10.5.21-MariaDB-0+deb11u1 & nginx webserver on a VPS. Hosting multiple WordPress and static websites. Magento2 2.4.3-release was required, during install the following error occurred.

    In SqlVersionProvider.php line 93:
    Current version of RDBMS is not supported. Used Version: 10.5.21-MariaDB-0+deb11u1. Supported versions: MySQL-8, MySQL-5.7, MariaDB-(10.2-10.4)

    Using deprecated MySQL on VPS is not favorable. Using an external mysql-8 server would be an option but costs more money. Is there any way to spin up an extra sql database just for Magneto2 database? The configuration has to be done via the command line. This means a full ISPC setup for a site is not possible unlike WordPress, as it runs on the same version of MariaDB as the ICPS auto-installer.
    Community team of magento2 have no indication of upgrading this feature to support older database versions :(

    On a local machine the (outdated)MariaDB was replaced for the (outdated)mysql-8 server. This caused problems in the auto install for ISPC when installing on VPS. Using debian12 causes a lot of problems when trying to install magento2 or ISPC. WordPress has no problems except the usual. it has taken me 6 days of trying different things. I'm a little lost and could use some outside advice.
    Succesfully running Magento2 on a local ubuntu server together with WordPress, but this was pure nginx configuration and no interface like ISPC. The 3 together cause for problems on a VPS, does anyone have any suggestions?
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    So, your current MariaDB version is too new and not too old. Of course, you can install an older MariaDB version for ISPConfig if Magento does not support current MariaDB.

    The auto installer must be run on an empty system, you can not install MySQL first and then run the auto installer. If you need a custom ISPConfig setup not supported by the auto-installer, use the manual Debian 12 perfect server guide.

    That's great, so they confirm that Magento will support newer MariaDB versions as used by ISPConfig soon. Because your problem is not that the current MariaDB version is too old for Magento, your problem is that your current MariaDB version is too new for Magento.
    Read the error message again. Magento support: MariaDB 10.2-10.4 and you currently have mariaDB 10.5.21, version number comparison is done from left to right, so 10.5 is higher than 10.2, which means you have a MariaDB version that is newer than what is supported by Magento. And as magento claimed they will support newer mariaDB versions, your system will be supported by Magento soon.

    The auto installer needs to be run on an empty system, you can not run it on a system where you install MySQL or MariaDB before using the auto installer. and as we found out, outdated MySQL or MariaDB versions are not your problem anyway.

    I run Debian 12 with auto installer on all my current servers and not a single error. So you must doing something wrong when you use it, the likely reason is that you start with a non empty server as this must fail. But as I mentioned above, if you want a completely customized system, use the manual Debian 12 perfect server guide to install ISPConfig.

    That is actually not the case. I do not run Magento but I run several WordPress sites on ISPConfig, everything works flawlessly and out of the box, all were installed with the auto-installer on Debian 12. Your magento problem is simply the lack of support of more recent MariaDB versions by Magento and as Magento claimed to fix this, your Debian 12 system will be capable of running Magento soon. And until then, you should stay at Debian 11 as it still gets updates from Debian until the software that you like to run (in this case, Magento) supports the software versions that ship with Debian 12. Or you use, e.g., Ubuntu LTS versions, which might have an older MariaDB version supported by Magento 2.
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    Hey there, thanks for the reply.
    You are correct, So my host supplies debian11. Mysql 8 is no longer supported in this version and by workarounds you can get it working (apparently).
    The issue ticket is being worked on. I just read there is a db override for mariaDB. Im going to try that now, if that doesn't work then I will have to wait for the update.

    Using debian 12 and the ISPC auto installer worked fine but when trying to install magento2 it didn't like it, perhaps I mis formulated that.

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