Debian kernel, needs work without internet.

Discussion in 'Kernel Questions' started by EmpJohnIV, Jun 9, 2006.

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    I think I need to recompile my kernel. I just got a nice new 200ARC laptop. I am trying to get everything working just right, most of all its power managment, but all the pages in Control Center have this to say:
    I think this means that I need to compile the kernel? I have been reading on the subject for a few days now and have read several walk throughs. What I've learned is that compiling the kernel can incress the systems proformance, which sounds great to me along with possibly fixing my ACPI problem, and possibly hibernate. The problem I am having is that most walk throughs I have read (if not comprehended, many terms are unknown to me) mention logging on to the internet. Which is a problem, I have no highspeed internet, and haven't been able to get its modem working; I suspect I won't be able to find a driver for its modem. One last thing, I have worked on this instalation for long enough that I would rather not lose it, what would be the easiest way to back it up, if I decide that it is nessicary.

    Debian 3.1r1. Installed on one partition (and swap of course) desktop, with KDE, Firefox, OpenOffice, and some games installed.
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    Yes, that's right.

    You can try this one:
    It's also possible that you find a suitable kernel in the Debian testing or unstable repository. Then you don't need to recompile.

    Have a look here:
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    Thank you for your post. Last Night I tried to compile a kernel, but fell asleep and lost track of where I was. I am going to try again now. I have already switched to a i686 kernel, which helped some things.

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