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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Killaspike, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Killaspike

    Killaspike New Member

    Ok, I have tried installing Ubuntu before, it did fine and worked. The problem was I wanted to remove windows, I have some kind of weird OCD thing where I just want one operating system on my computer.

    I removed the Linux eventually because I couldn't get windows off and just leave Linux ( I don't have a CD-ROM drive so I cant install it that way)

    After that I boot and now I see Windows and Ubuntu, the thing is I uninstalled Ubuntu but it still says its there. When I try to go into it it gives me an error. I guess its just still partitioned or something?

    Anyways I wanted to have Ubuntu on this computer and im tired of Windows so I go to install Ubuntu again this time using my IPOD. For some reason I cant get my computer to boot from my IPOD.

    Once I realise I cant get my IPOD to boot Linux I try to install it via Windows again. I get it installed and now I see Windows, and 2 Ubuntu's for my OS choices.

    The really crazy thing is this second Ubuntu didnt even install right, it gives me an error when I try to load it up.

    What I want to know is there some kind of way to install Linux and then delete all those partitions and use that space for one Linux install without using any CD's, floppys or my IPOD (Unless someone can explain why I cannot boot from it).
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Why don't you just insert the Ubuntu Live-CD, click on Install and select to use the whole hard drive for the Ubuntu installation?
  3. Matthes

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    When you install any operating system, linux or windows, it gives you the option to use all the diskspace or only remaining disk space for the partition.
  4. RoyCoates

    RoyCoates New Member

    Really early in the Ubuntu install is the option to delete all partitions from the hard disk.

    You've no choice really !
  5. ralic

    ralic New Member

    You could try installing over the network or from a USB flash disk. Try googling around for some howto's on those options.
    Using a cd-rom would be the easiest though. Could you not borrow an external USB cd-rom drive? Or lay your hands on a cheap one?
  6. dishawjp

    dishawjp New Member

    If you have an optical drive (CD or DVD) and cannot boot from it, you generally simply have to go into your BIOS and edit your boot devices or boot order. Accessing your BIOS generally consists of hitting a key (<esc>, <del> F2 or whatever, it will usually say on your first boot screen) to access what is often called your "setup."

    When in your setup look for either boot order of boot devices and set it so that it will boot from your optical drive before the hard drive. This is necessary to install either Linux or Windows.

    Once there, just tell Linux to take the entire hard drive and you're there.


    Jim Dishaw
  7. ttareti

    ttareti New Member

    Problem istalling VMware onto Ubuntu 8.04

    I have tried to install VMware onto Ubuntu. the error said something like no permission to access "vmware-vix/bin"

    what do i do next?

  8. falko

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