DigitalOcean and only one IP address issue

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    DigitalOcean only allows one IP per droplet, as far as I know.

    I just read a great article here ~ ~ and I have a couple of questions.

    1) How can ISPConfig work with only one IP address for host, DNS and client sites etc?

    2) If it works with only one IP, how many sites? Is there a theoretical limit?

    3) Can ISPConfig manage servers on multiple droplets? Is that the way you get over only having one IP address?

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    Ispconfig runs just fine with 1 ip. I have had my server on DO for over a year now no issues.

    Number of domains is going to depend on load and size of droplet.

    Now I just use it for personal use on a 512m droplet. I have roundcube and horde webmail programs running. Its a mail server with 3 real addresses and about 40 aliases. Its a little starved for memory. mysql and spam/antivirus push it to limits. But it has yet to crash.
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    We have tested the guide and published the guide here.

    ISPConfig is smart tool which manages all the things over one IP. For more details you can follow the instructions as mentioned in the ISPConfig3manual

    You can manage literrally N-number of sites depending upon your server hardware.

    Yes it can manage servers on multiple droplets. It can be done by our tutorials of Multiserver Setup, an example of such a guide is
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    Thats an article from howtoforge. They copied it from here without our permission, they just changed a few fill sentences between the commands.

    Yes, that should work.
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