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Discussion in 'General' started by --::wizZzard::--, Jan 7, 2006.

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    when i create a new WEB some directories are created in /var/www .


    why there are 2 of them? when i alter one of the files in an directory (e.g. var/www/web[username]/web/index.html ) the file in the other directory is also alterd.

    Are there any documents or manuals about the directorys that ISPConfig builds up in var/www/. And when yes. where are they :).
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    Therea re not 2 directories. /var/www/web[XX] is the directory and /var/www/www.[domain].[tld] is a symlink to the directory.

    The symlinks where created to make system administration on the shell easier. Or do you remeber the web ID for each web when you have 200+ Websites and work on the shell ;)

    The current layout is described here:

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