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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wiebe, Jun 28, 2016.

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    hi there,

    trying ISPConfig (latest version on Centos 7.2)
    I like - very much - what I see, however I am not happy with the naming convention basically the client1/web2 directory structure
    I am used to work with the Plesk structure: /var/www/vhosts/
    When you have to maintain 50+ websites using the domain name makes more then sense
    Is there a work around inside ISPConfig to accomplish something similar?


  2. till

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    In ISPConfig you work with the domain name as well on the shell, that's why ISPConfig creates symlinks for easy shell navigation. To enter a website in ISPCofig, you simply do:

    cd /var/www/domain.tld

    The Plesk system has a really big drawback as it breaks sites when you rename them. Many CMS systems store paths in the database, so when you rename the domain of the site in Plesk, then the site will break. Renaming a site in ISPConfig, the site will not break as the technical path don't change, only the easy navigation symlinks get updated. And 50 plus sites on ISPConfig is a tiny system, business setups of ISPConfig have normally between a few hundred and thousands of sites and dozens of connected servers. So while it might be OK to fix websites manually in Plesk when you just have a tiny setup with a few customers, this is not adequate for large ISP setups as you won't be able to handle all the support requests and angry customers that wonder why their sites are broken on a simple domain change. That's why iSPConfig uses a mechanism to ensure that sites don't break on renaming them and the path don't gets altered.

    So in ispconfig, it is easy to put a new site live by just changing the domain domain.tld to old.domain.tld and then rename dev.domain.tld to domain.tld as no path changes, onPleskk, your system would be broken if you try to do that.

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