Disable user selecting server ip when adding/edit Web Domain in Sites section

Discussion in 'General' started by lonerunner, May 6, 2019.

  1. lonerunner

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    A weird thing has happened to me today, i usually add all new websites to web server and when i add new website, there is an IP Address section at the top of that section where you can select star * or IP address of web server.

    I always select * when i add domains, but today i allowed someone else to add new website and he selected IP address on that, and whole server went crazy and all other domains went redirecting to newly added domain and of course all website was loading green ispconfig default index page.

    So i went to check and saw that there is IP selected, quickly changed that field back to * selected and everything started working normally.

    You can see in screenshot what field i am talking about

    Annotation 2019-05-06 231400.png

    So to avoid something like this happening to me again, i have few questions, can i disable or disallow somehow to users to be able to select server ip there in that field? I know that this is my server ip, but from where and how this value is coming from? And why is it happening like this, why when i select Server IP in that field, all other websites point to that domain?
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    Go to System > Server IP addresses and remove the Ip there.

    An IP address is a stronger match than a wildcard in Apache and Nginx, it overrides the domain of a virtual host. This means that when one website has an IP selected and one website has a wildcard, then all traffic will go to the one with the IP. If all websites use the IP, then it's working fine and when all websites use the wildcard, it's working fine too.
  3. lonerunner

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    Thanks @till, i saw there server ip in System options but wasn't sure should i delete that or not.

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