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    NO^DICKHILL New Member

    Hi! :)

    I'm using ISPConfig at the moment and was wondering if it is possible to disable the username prefix for certain users?
    (Only let certain users choose their own username for FTP, databases, etc.)

    For an example:
    Client-username: domaintld
    Are only allowed to create one website, database, FTP-account, etc. and should NOT choose hes own usernames.
    It should therefore automatically be "domaintld"

    Client-username: johndoe
    Are allowed to create multiple websites, databases, etc.
    He should therefore be able to choose hes own usernames for FTP, databases, etc.
    (Like "comapnytld", "secondcompanytld", "personalwebsite", etc.")

    I hope that I have posted this the right place and you understand me.
    If not, I'm sorry and please let me know!

    Thanks in advance!
    Sincerely, Simon.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The prefix can only be disabled globally.

    NO^DICKHILL New Member

    Thanks for the reply. :)

    So the only option is that I (as admin) change/remove the prefix and creates the users logins.
    Would it maybe be possible to disable the textbox where the user can type in hes own part of the username, without changing too much in the system-files?

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