Distributed Storage Across Four Storage Nodes With GlusterFS - Expandable?

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    I love the how to on glusterFS, but i had some questions.

    How easy is it to expand beyond the 4 servers?

    Just edit the config files for the 5th server and the extra storage just appears?

    @falko, i saw in another thread that you are going to post a tutorial on HA with this setup and am really looking forward to it.

    At it stands now, if one server dies, do you lose all data across the share or just the data on the one server that failed? If the server comes back online, is the data restored to the client?

    Im looking at using something like this for a backuppc storage solution to cheaply add addition disk space as needed. I would think that having HA i would have to triple or more my storage on all the servers to allot for the space its going to need for replication....or am i missing something?

    And a final question, how does glusterFS handle hard links? backuppc in general uses them for de-duplication of data on the backups, and i think i remember seeing some where that hard links arent supported with glusterFS, can anyone confirm this? If it is indeed the case, i wont be able to use this as an expandable storage solution, but im hoping thats not the case.

    Thanks for a great how to and keep up the great work!
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