DKIM Authenticated failed (gmail spam)

Discussion in 'General' started by MikySal78, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. MikySal78

    MikySal78 Member

    i have Debian Buster and new installation ispconfig (latest release).
    Send mail for testing from account mail to account gmail ...spam.
    I testing headers with and this error on DKIM Authenticated.
    what and how should I try to solve?

    Best regards.
  2. Steini86

    Steini86 Active Member

    Usually, mails to gmail are being considered as spam because Google wants you to register at not because of DKIM
  3. florian030

    florian030 Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    you should create a dmarc-record.
  4. MikySal78

    MikySal78 Member

    exist the record txt
    text: v=DMARC1; p=none
    TTL: 3600

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