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  1. Hi all,
    (ISPConfig 3.1.13)
    (first DMARC experience)
    So I'm trying to setup DMARC (after SPF and DKIM) trying to make emails going to destination.
    I've tried on one hosted domain, where I have only put the host admin email in 'rua' and 'ruf' fileds.
    So DNS TXT generated looks like :
    v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected]_domain.tld; ruf=mailto:[email protected]_domain.tld
    But while checking for the DMARC records (OK) I'm told :
    DMARC External Validation                       External Domains in your DMARC are not giving permission for your reports to be sent to them.
    Despite having read the infos, I don't understand how to allow DMARC infos from hosted domain to be sent to host domain.
    Thanks in advance for your lights !
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    External Reporting Authorization Records
    Under these rules, if the operators of wanted to receive their aggregate reports at [email protected], hey would include this rua tag in their DMARC record:

    [email protected]
    When a report generator has an aggregate report to send to, it will consult‘s DMARC record and extract the address above. Since the domain in that address is not or its organizational domain, it would have to make an authorization check first. It would take that domain the report is for (, and the domain that the rua field references (, and construct a new name like this:
    The report generator would then look that name up in DNS. If the domain operator for has published a DNS record at that name with the contents “v=DMARC1”, then the report generator may send reports for to an email address at
  3. Thanks a lot Florian !

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