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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by todvard, Aug 15, 2005.

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    i have a Xen based virtual machine system. The system has one external IP address and a routed/NAT network for virtual machines. For security reasons i have installed ISPconfig on one of the virtual machines. I wanna keep clear main machine runnig virtual hosts from services except ssh for administering xen.
    My problem is, if I am creating a domain in DNS it will contain the internal address of that machine where the ISPconfig is running (eg, so the zone isn't good for external querys. Is there any ideas how can I create good zones for both external and internal querys? I'm thinking about using internal/external views capability of bind9. How can i implement that in ISPconfig, which files should i change?

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    you can create DNS-Records in the DNS-Manager manually, that point to your external IP-Address when you not check the "Create DNX" checkbox when creating a new web.

    I'am not familar with this feature of BIND9. If you want to extend the functions of ISPConfig:

    1) Do you like to join the development team and get SVN access?

    2) Download the latest SVN Version, install it. In the Management section you will find the form designer. The form designer is nescessary to add fields to the DNS-Manager forms. Be careful, the formdesigner is still a bit unstable, so make a backup of your ispconfig database and if something does not work as expected, simply restore you database backup.

    3) The scripts that are writing the config files are in the directory "scripts/lib/classes" in the installer tar.gz and after installation these scripts are in "/root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/classes". The script you need to extend is: ispconfig_bind.lib.php


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    Thank you for your fast answer. I know that i can create DNS-records manually in dns manager, but if Im using just external address in dns records that could lead to errors (think about for example MX records).

    I will think about implementing this feature in ISPconfig after my holidays :)


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