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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Trunkles, Mar 20, 2017.

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    I have a domain and I've put a subdomain on it. My old secondary DNS server no longer operates, so I've put it with rollerrnett.us (Is there a better one?). Anyway, if I ping or dig my main domain I get a response, if I ping the tiki. subdomain it doesn't seem to exist and I have no idea why! Can any of you see what I've done, or not done, as the case may be?
    Here's the pri file from/etc/bind
    $TTL 14400
    @ IN SOA ns1.drsimon.co.nz. webmaster.drsimon.co.nz. (
    2017032103 ; serial, todays date + todays serial #
    28800 ; refresh, seconds
    7200 ; retry, seconds
    604800 ; expire, seconds
    14400 ) ; minimum, seconds

    drsimon.co.nz. 14400 A
    laphroaig.drsimon.co.nz. 14400 A
    mail.drsimon.co.nz. 86400 A
    ns1.drsimon.co.nz. 14400 A
    ns1.rollernet.us 14400 A
    tiki.drsimon.co.nz. 3600 A
    www.drsimon.co.nz. 14400 CNAME drsimon.co.nz.
    drsimon.co.nz. 14400 MX 10 mail.drsimon.co.nz.
    drsimon.co.nz. 14400 NS ns1.drsimon.co.nz.
    drsimon.co.nz. 14400 NS ns1.rollernet.us. 14400 PTR drsimon.co.nz.​

    And this is the relevant section from conf.local
    zone "drsimon.co.nz" {
    type master;
    allow-transfer {;
    file "/etc/bind/pri.drsimon.co.nz";
    allow-query {;
  2. host -t ns drsimon.co.nz
    drsimon.co.nz name server ns3.discountdomains.co.nz.
    drsimon.co.nz name server ns1.discountdomains.co.nz.
    drsimon.co.nz name server ns2.discountdomains.co.nz.

    host tiki.drsimon.co.nz
    tiki.drsimon.co.nz has address

    host tiki.drsimon.co.nz ns1.discountdomains.co.nz
    Using domain server:
    Name: ns1.discountdomains.co.nz
    tiki.drsimon.co.nz has address

    host tiki.drsimon.co.nz ns2.discountdomains.co.nz
    Using domain server:
    Name: ns2.discountdomains.co.nz
    tiki.drsimon.co.nz has address

    host tiki.drsimon.co.nz ns3.discountdomains.co.nz
    Using domain server:
    Name: ns3.discountdomains.co.nz
    tiki.drsimon.co.nz has address
  3. All seems fine on the 3 dns servers.
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    Thanks Christophe, I found the solution and forgot to mark the thread as closed. :)

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