DNS on a multi server setup.

Discussion in 'General' started by maileh, Sep 10, 2014.

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    After upgrade ispconfig on my dns server, it can no longer recieve updates from the panel server .... any hint ...checking log's in both server with debug enabled , i don't see any error message ... please can someone help me out ...
  2. maileh

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    Now i figure out .... everytime i upgrade a slave server on a multi setup , when adding new domain or websites , it is work with no problem, but editing an existing data from the panel does not replicate to the slave server, even no log on the ispconfig.log file.

    If i want to edit something in the data previously exist before upgrade, i have to delete that client, or domain , etc etc and add is again, only then i can see it is replicate to the slave server with new ispconfig version. .... is this normal or do i have to run a script or something after upgrading ispconfig software ?????:confused:

    Do i have to run update.php after upgrade ispconfig version on the slave server or what ?? pleas help ,i have two more slave serve to upgrade but would really want to confirm this .....


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