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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by wrender, Nov 24, 2006.

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    I moved our server from Fedora 5, to Suse Enterprise 10. When I did this I had a lot of problems with the "Server settings" on the Enterprise 10. I eventually found out, that this was because I copied over my old ISP-config databases, which held the architecture specific settings for Fedora 5. I then changed them to corrispond with the SUSE Enterprise 10 layout, and everything ran smooth.... UNTIL I went to host my own dns. I then realized that I needed to change the location of the zone files from /etc/named/ to /var/lib/named.
    So I changed it... but i'm still having dns issues.

    I use 1and1.com for my dns... but I followed the nice tutorial on go-daddy that was for dns. I just applied the same concept to my servers.

    So here is what I have....

    Two domains.
    otherdatanetworks.com -with name servers set to ns1.otherdatanetworks.com and ns2.otherdatanetworks.com (maybe this should be set to 1and1's dns?)

    ns1.otherdatanetworks.com - points to first ispconfig server
    ns2.otherdatanetworks.com - points to second ispconfig server (This server isn't finished yet)

    otherdata.com - with name servers set to ns1.otherdatanetworks.com and ns2.otherdatanetworks.com

    On the first ispconfig server, i have setup a Master DNS for otherdata.com, and added all of the records according to the go-daddy dns tutorial.

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    What exactly is the problem?
  3. wrender

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    Problem solved

    The problem was that I had pointed otherdatanetworks.com to using it's own ns records. Ooops.

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