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    I have followed perferct server install for debian wheezy. Do I have to add some settings on my own in named.conf.* files?
    This is the config after guide and ispconfig install:

    options {
    directory "/var/cache/bind";

    // If there is a firewall between you and nameservers you want
    // to talk to, you may need to fix the firewall to allow multiple
    // ports to talk. See http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/800113

    // If your ISP provided one or more IP addresses for stable
    // nameservers, you probably want to use them as forwarders.
    // Uncomment the following block, and insert the addresses replacing
    // the all-0's placeholder.

    // forwarders {
    // };

    // If BIND logs error messages about the root key being expired,
    // you will need to update your keys. See https://www.isc.org/bind-keys
    dnssec-validation auto;

    auth-nxdomain no; # conform to RFC1035
    listen-on-v6 { any; };
    //version "Not available";

    Bind is listening on all ipv4 interfaces. If I ask localhost for www.google.com it reponds ok. But if I ask localhost for a zone that is configured in ISPConfig it responds with:

    Host mail.mydomain.tld not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
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    Btw. I have eth0 and eth0:0 interfaces, both configured correctly in Debian. I can telnet to open ports on both interfaces. Should I also add those two ip addresses in Ispconfig Server config ip addresses if I wanna use them for vhosts, dns and etc?
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  3. till

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    No. There are no changes required.

    Take a look at the /var/log/syslog file, you can find the errors why bind refuses to load the zone there. The most common reason is that you missed to add a A-Record for the NS Records when the NS records are subdomains of the same zone.
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    Duh, feel so stupid. Tnx, fixed it. Btw I should add in Server config Server ip addresses both ips on devices eth0 eth0:0 so I can later used them through ISPConfig and popup suggestion boxes?
    And one more question, is it possible to add on a later time secondary dns server with ispconfig and incorporate it in primary ispconfig server which has all services so I can administer both from one ispconfig interface? I have founded manuals but they all start from fresh install and there are some prerequisites prior primary ispconfig install which I didn't do because I don't have secondary server https://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-r...and-secondary-with-ispconfig-3-debian-squeeze

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