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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by TheRudy, Jun 15, 2006.

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    I have just installed ISPConfig, it works so far, login was successfull and all...

    Currently my domain name is still not working so i'm accessing ispconfig over IP.

    My question about DNS is this:
    Since i have only 1 IP available, i asked my ISP to do a redirect of my domain name to my server's IP. That has been done. He sent me back dns1... address that i should add as ns2.domain.com. That's good now, i think?

    Bind is up and running, port that is opened in firewall is 53 UDP and TCP. How do i set bind to 'register' worldwide ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com? In ISPConfig with creating Master and Slave? Or is it enough if i change it just in Managment -> Server -> settings -> DNS from server1.mydomain.com to ns1.mydomain.com and server1.mydomain.com to ns2.mydomain.com
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    Did your ISP create an A record for your domain pointing to your server IP or does he assign your server as authoritive nameserver for your domain?

    This depends on my question above.
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    Hmm interesting. I told him if we can use their DNS server as our second/slave NS. He said yes, i sended him domain name and IP address of our main server, he then send me back saying only that we should add NS entry for dns1.t-2.net <- their dns..
    That's it from our ISP. I think he made a reverse to our IP for our domain name. Should i ask him anything specifically?

    Also just got mail from registrar where we have out domain name registered and i just send him IP's of our main server and ip of dns1.t-2.net so that he can write this into DNS server.
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  5. TheRudy

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    That's new? Haven't seen that.. Already reading!

    PS: Sorry for posting in wrong board..
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    Well that's the thing i'm missing here actually. I don't have any whatsoever access for controling domain name as our registrar doesn't have any webinterface. If you want to change NS's for domain name, you have to send them email and they change it. Yes i know, they suck.. The thing that is on the first page is what our registrar of our domain name should do or is already doing, yes? I sended him IP's for ns1 and ns2 as he requested. ns1 being main server ip and ns2 being our ISP dns ip.

    After they get that working, i can test if ns1. and ns2. are 'alive' by doing dig ns1..., right?

    After we have those working, all i need to do it is to go to: Management -> Server -> Settings -> DNS and change them to ns1 and ns2. I have already done that btw... and it should work? I can then use ns1 and ns2 for all other domain names. Did i get it right?

    I want to use this domain name also as the MAIN domain, where we have our website also. Just though i should mention that since i forgot in my first post. We'll get to that later once this is done and in case i have any problems :D

    btw, thanks for helping!
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    There is one thing to take care of: if ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com should resolve example.com, then you have a bootstrapping problem, and you need a glue record. Have a look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_name_system#Circular_Dependencies_and_Glue_Records
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    And that is something for my registrar of my domain name to take care off since i have no access to changing that..

    I did send him that he needs to do a 'glue' record. I got that info from organization that is in charge of our country domain name.. I'm sure they know what they are doing, at least i hope so :)
  9. TheRudy

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    Well my domain has been changed and set according to my registrar.
    Domain name is: studio54.si

    I just got email from them that domain name NS's (ns1.studio54.si and ns2.studio54.si) could not be added or something similar cause they are missing SOA and/or NS entry (Error: no nameservers). OK. I went to ISPConfig, into master and i saw i have local IP address in it instead of external. So i changed this now. Where do i enter ns1 and ns2 to be declared? I mean, i did enter them under master for domain name under 'Options'. Is that all?

    The thing that is bugging me really is do i have to edit any dns files manually or can this really be done with ISPConfig only?

    Damn, this DNS isn't so simply and reading more tutorials is just more confusing.

    Oh well...

    Translated info about domain:
    WARNING: For domain name studio54.si following DNS entries already exist:

    studio54.si. 14400 IN NS ns3.hitrost.net.
    studio54.si. 14400 IN NS ns4.hitrost.net.

    INFO: Studio54.si is registered
    OK: studio54.si is registered
    INFO: Checking SOA entry for studio54.si on name server ns1.studio54.si

    ERROR: SOA info for domain name studio54.si could not be found on ns1.studio54.si
    Error: no nameservers

    INFO: PC ns1.studio54.si doesn't exist.

    ns1 and ns2 are written under Managment -> DNS...

    master and slave are set for studio54.si under DNS Manager, IP's used there are external and ns1 and ns2 are there also..
    Same thing is set for my second domain name which i use for testing.

    I absolutelly have no idea what to do anymore.
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  10. TheRudy

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    ok, after a lot of playing around it seems that all that is missing is A entry for both ns1 and ns2 nameservers. Where do i put those?

    Edit: stupid me, i create ns A record where i create all other A, MX,.. records.. Oh well :)
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    So it's ok now? :)
  12. TheRudy

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    Yes, its working like a charm ;)

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