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    I'd like to develop a "something" (app/module/patch/whatever) that gets run whenever something is changed in the DNS.
    Specifically, I'd need to TSIG-update *some* records on external DNS servers (that I can't make slaves) when the corresponding internal record is changed. I'd prefer having "synchronous" updates so both internal and external servers won't return conflicting answers.
    Any hint about where to start? Are there some docs available?

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    The easiest was is to make a custom server side plugin that listens to the dns_soa_update and dns_rr_update event. You probably want to listen to the insert events as well. Take a look at the bind or bind_dlz server plugins for an example. You can have as many different plugins listening to an event as you like, so no need to alter the existing bind plugins, just write your own one that listens to the same events and does what you want to do additionally.
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    And the best way to add interface elements (in the left menu of DNS tab)?

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