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    Docker.... again!

    I have a nice unmanaged VPS at an awesome price, that I want to host all my 25 or so websites (each with different domain names on them) but I SUCK at DevOps. My goal is to offer a platform as a service with a very agile collection of integrated apps that clients can add or remove from their stack by essentially selecting an image and my platform spinning up a container for that app with pre-configured integration to other apps.

    So ideally I want to use the brilliance of ISPCONFIG as the control panel for my clients, but need some form of container management to be exposed to my clients.

    One long game need is to let my clients manage their own tenancy that included adding and managing their own docker containers. The only panel solution that offers (a plugin for docker) is Plesk which is a subscription, not open source, and charges for the plugin.

    Commercial IT is rapidly and ubiquitously moving from monolithic systems to microservices inside lots of small containers so finding a way to add container management to ISPCONFIG would be an awesome amping up to its competitiveness. It would also make ISPCONFIG one of ONLY TWO panel apps that support container management.

    So does anyone have any good ideas to accomplish this? OR is anyone interested in putting together a team to build a plugin or to hack something like Portainer into the ISPCONFIG stack to add container management?

    I have been looking for weeks for a pannel to handle this use case, and short of the container management piece, I keep circling back to ISPCONFIG as the most comprehensive, bulletproof, and functional answer.
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