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  1. spazio

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    Hi All,
    Just came in a new environnement and in need of deploying Domain registration, provisioning and billing for ispconfig!
    I looked at WHMCS and witch I installed and tried but there is a bug with the activity cron job that's filling the hard drive and crash the server and I don't see a lot of activity on the project.

    I also took a look at the following paid and opensource solution witch have full Domain registration, provisioning and billing for ispconfig integration but didn't tried tem yet.
    Anybody used them? I would like to know your comments on the performance and maintenance of it?

    I know about the billing module of ispconfig but it'missing the domain part... snif,snif
    Are there any perfect Domain registration, provisioning and billing for ispconfig setup?

    So I'm wondering whay the ispconfig community is using with succes? Can you please share your Domain registration, provisioning and billing for ispconfig setup for the benefit of others and me?

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  2. nhybgtvfr

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    used whmcs, but never had a good link between it and ispconfig.
    started looking at hostbill, but been distracted with other stuff.
    i believe the link between hostbill and ispconfig was actually written for ispconfig2. it's limited, i think it needs a major rewrite / update.
    i've said as much to them, if more people ask them about it then maybe it'll happen.

    there is a whmcs - ispconfig module thread on here, the modules being written by cwispy.
    both that module, and the one for hostbill, if a user creates multiple domains/websites etc, they're all in the same accounts whmcs/hostbill, but in completely separate accounts in ispconfig. which i think is wrong. i can see their reasoning for doing it. but i believe they should all be under the same account in ispconfig too. makes aliasdomains etc impossible otherwise.

    i did notice on hostbill, it was impossible to link product add-ons (eg buying more disk space for a website, or email domain) it was impossible to link it to the additional template in ispconfig (i assume additional templates didn't exist in ispconfig 2, (i never used it))
    hostbill did develop something for me ( free of charge ) to allow this, so they seem quite accommodating, hence the point about getting more people to ask them about updating the ispconfig module. ;)
  3. nhybgtvfr

    nhybgtvfr Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    just to add. another possibility i've come across is a package called blesta, which also has a module for ispconfig.
    i've not had a chance to look at any of it yet, so no idea how much of the ispconfig api functionality it supports.
  4. atle

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    We use whmcs currently and have used it for 10+ years.

    We develop all registrar/server/addon modules ourselves since we don’t want to use encoded code from unfamiliar developers and also don’t want to be dependant of 3’rd parties. Most of our modules we started to develop for AWBS about 15 years ago. These we have migrated to whmcs5 and to whmcs7. Its a pity AWBS is an abandon-ware, we would have stayed with AWBS if the development had continued.

    Whmcs is excellent for developing your own modules, the support for it is excellent. I have looked at Hostbill, but I have got the understanding it is difficult to develop and maintain your own modules for it.

    Blesta is very interesting since it is not encoded. The major drawback for us with Blesta is its weak domain registration/admin features. There has been some significant improvements in the last version however and they seem to put some efforts on it now.

    I have spent some considerable time on the ISPConfig invoice module as well. In a nutshell, it is a backend app aimed for hosting with ispconfig. One need to build a frontend for it. It is possible to build an frontend that supports domain registration services. I decided this was to much work to make it worth.

    When it comes to whmcs and ispconfig, I spent a year to develop a ispconfig module för whmcs. The module has become rather comprehensive, it consist of about 7000 lines of raw code. It does not however need to be this comprehensive. If you limit yourself to the basic functions that whmcs defines for a server module, its rather trivial to develop it.

    In particular, you can use the mentioned module developed by cwispy,, and limit yourself to use only the implementation of the standard defined whmcs function of it. The module also have an implementation to do administration of the ispconfig account directly from the whmcs client portal and it is here it becomes complex and a bit messy. Skip that part and you will have a good and robust ispconfig whmcs module, and a module you can maintain yourself.

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