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    I'm hosting my own website and email server at home on my own network. I have ports fowarded and working for the most part. I'm currently using dns servers and foward requests to my IP. I do have dynamic IP from ISP but it only updates when I switch mac addresses on my modem but I sill have IP updater just in case it changes. I'm running my own router - Sophos Home UTM. I conceptually a little confused on my situation. Should the router use the domain of my website and email for example its This gives every computer Or should I leave it with default or nothing? Is this important having my router host name include FQDN so I want to add more servers(vm servers for other things) and be able to use subdomains to call on them from outside of my network. For example I have ports 80,443,25, and 143 to one server. I want to add another server for other stuff. I want to redirect it by subdomin and not have to use NAT foward something weird like this, Any suggestions? If this isn't a site for this questions let me know where to go thanks for any help.

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