Domain unexplainably redirects to other domain in ISPConfig

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by decentris, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. decentris

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    Hi ISPConfig - Team,

    I am clueless. I set up a domain as always on my server and the domain inexplicably redirected to another domain on the server, which has nothing to do with it.

    Then I deleted the hosting for this domain, switched DNS to cloudflare, set up a new hosting and suddenly it worked.

    Then I needed to set up a sub-domain for this rescpective domain and did a 301/L redirect to a folder on the hosting of the respective domain.

    Suddenly I got a "502 bad gateway".

    Then I deleted the sub-domain. Bad-Gateway remained. Then I set the cloudflared DNS to the original server IP. Suddenly the domain again got redirected to the same other domain on my server, which it already was redirected to the first time.

    So I deleted the website in ISPConfig and set it up again (as in the very beginning). But it still redirects to this other domain.

    Is there a setting in linux(ubuntu 18.04)/apache I need to reset or a setting in ISPConfig I missed. Why do I have such problems just with this special domain?

    I'll be very grateful for any supporting hint.

  2. decentris

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    Sorry, I found the solution myself. (maybe it helps somebody)

    I was so stupid and deactivated SSL and Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in the ISPconfig website-entry.

    But Cloudflare provides an SSL-Certificate and also redirects HTTP to HTTPS. But there was no HTTPS to redirect to as I deactivated it. o_O

    Stupid, I know, but, as I said, maybe it helps somebody to check this before searching the web for 48 hours ;)

  3. Th0m

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    There are a lot of topics about this on the forum :)

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