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Discussion in 'General' started by snakeice, Oct 30, 2020.

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    As i haven't a static IP address, i't possible to automatically update the ip of the recod dns on ispconfig? i try to expalin myself:
    i have a very poor server up h24 with a static ip. here i have ispconfig and i want to use it as dns server. I also have a very powerful server, which stay in my house and it has a variable IP. I have another ispconfig panel installed (not linket to the other server) and i want to use it as webserver. It's possible to make a script that automatically update the dns record to my static server?
    Sorry for my english i hope i've correctly expose my question.
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    Script is ok but if possible using a more stable dynamic dns service like noip or dyn dns and set them in your home router, is much better.

    I personally use several free dyn accounts that comes with dlink router brand (ddlinkddns) but now have only one since dlinkddns service is now terminated.

    I heard tplink will have something like that but will somehow be limited, so do dig about it if you are using its brand and like to know more.
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    You can NOT use dynamic home IP-adress for mail services and send email to other people.
    You will get spam blocked everywhere.
    Make sure it static with correct PTR-record upstream.
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