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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by freeline, Jul 12, 2016.

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    we are hosting a dynamic dns service for our customers using powerdns. I'd like to manage this through ispconfig. As I see it there would be made the following adjustments:
    • serial has to start at 1 and increased (because more than 100 updates per day are possible)
    • username and password have to be stored (at the moment we store it in the records table of powerdns because normally there is only one hostname per customer and I don't want to add customer accounts to ispconfig and multiple customers can have a subdomain in a zone)
    Updates could be made via remote api.
    Are there already any plans to add such functionality? I would provide patches and a sample update script if it is okay with you to store username and (encrypted) password in dns_rr table
  2. sjau

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    Hmmm, would it be sufficient to host a script that the clients could call, e.g. www.yourdomain.tld/dyndns/update.php

    The clients would have to provide username, password and domain name through GET, you could then read this out in the update.php script and actually do the modifications to the dns.

    I just fail to see how you want to administrate it via ISPC
  3. freeline

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    Yes that's from the client perspective. But I need to manage the subdomains (create / delete / change password). That's what I'd like to do via ISPConfig mostly because of efficiency and workflow issues. At the moment we make the changes directly to the powerdns database via phpmyadmin. While that's possible for me, my employees don't know much about databases. So I either have to create a separate management interface or integrate it into ispconfig. I prefer the latter because my employees already use it.
  4. sjau

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    I see... well, good luck :)

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