Email Issues after migration

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by malaperdas, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. malaperdas

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    Hi there,
    I had to "clone" a running server, because of some weird wordpress issue that was causing 100% CPU usage (running mysqld 100% on all 4 vcores)
    On the new server I got the site up and running, also synced the inboxes from the old server (always referring to Ispconfig setups) using imapsync online.
    I left enough time for domain propagation, so it should be this issue.
    I can login to Ispconfig panel, Certs looks messed up, but still can login.
    Can't send/receive emails from the new server.
    The new servers, has different IP and hostname.
    What should I look into first to get it running?
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  3. Steini86

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    Best would be to start with the logfiles and search for some errors. Or errors from your mail client.
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  4. malaperdas

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    Changed Hosts/Hostname to the new FQDN and tweaked the configuration file for Postfix and it started working.

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