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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by maruhpro, Oct 6, 2016.

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    A client called me informing they have some problems with emails: they send mail to [email protected], the other side receives it, but a mail from [email protected] to any domain hosted in my mail server, never comes.

    I've read mail log and mail err logs, filtering with grep to "garantec", but it doesn't display anything helpful, only lines from sended mails.

    The strange thing is: they received mails from [email protected] during months, this problem started 2 weeks ago.

    Nothing has changed in the ISPconfig Servers, my mail account "[email protected]" hosted in the same mail server, doesn't receive any mail from rede@garantec.

    Any advices?

    It's running in an old setup: Ubuntu 11.04 x64.

    Thanks, and sorry about my poor english, I'm brazilian and I don't know how to write english well.
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    You should ask the postmaster from It's not your problem, when you can not receive mails from one domain while all other domains / mailserver are working.
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