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Discussion in 'General' started by acumen, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. acumen

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    I tried to add a "email routing" in ispconfig but failed. What I want to do is, and are different ispconfig-ed server, when is down, the will receive [email protected] emails and deliver back to when up again. I already setup the MX 10 and MX 20 and nslookup correctly.

    Then, I tried to telnet 25 (which will point to actually) with cmd mail from and rcpt to, but it replied "relay access denied". Is here the correct way to add in "email routing" or I need to edit the manually? Thanks.

    below is the settings in email routing,

    Type: smtp
    No MX lookup: yes
    Dest: (this is the's IP)
    Sort by: 1
    Active: 1
  2. bajodel

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    In the last ispconfig3 versions (i don't remember what exactly) there is a new feature "Relay recipients" in mail tab. If you set some domains for postfix routing you have to add them in those table also.

    For ispconfig developers.. i think it will be usefull to automatically add the routed domains in the 'Relay recipients' table. Another thing: that table is not proxymapped in postfix and it's the very first postfix open on new connections.. it could lead to a DoS problem on MySQL queries.



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