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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by g8rbait, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. g8rbait

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    I have a situation where I need to archive all emails that pass through my server. Is this a possibility using IPConfig? I realize that I would probably have to set up a seperate server to download the archived emails as I probably have on average about 10000 emails a day passing through my server.


  2. till

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    I think you either can add a filter script or something similar in the postfix mailcahin in the /etc/postfix/ or you modify the procmail scripts used by ISPConfig that they forward you a copy of every mail to a special account.
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    I too have a customer that insists on email archiving. He wants to store mail for 5 years. They also want to archive all outbound messages. I'm not sure that a simple forward on inbound mail is the right solution? I'm not a postfix guru so perhaps there is a straight forward way to do this.

    I'll start from a fresh Centos 4.2 install. Should I install postfix instead of sendmail to make this easier? So far I've only done a basic test install and have finally got the app to install (after getting all the right pieces installed including the updated zlib libraries).

    Bottom line is that for a specific domain I need to store all inbound and outbound mail that can then be retrieved if requested by law. I would need an efficient method that doesn't end up with a mailbox of a million messages.
  4. till

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    I've not heard of such a module for postfix yet, but it mifht exist.

    I would install postfix, its easier to configure then sendmail.

    If you write (or find an existing) postfix filter script that forwards all incoming and outgoing mails to a special directory or better to an external mailserver if you have a high mail volume that is only responsible for archieving the mails. Then you can run e.g DB mail as mail storage, thats a database based email storage system that can replace the traditional maildir or mailbox storage.
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    Thanks for the reply. I have a basic Centos ispconfig server running (using a 1.3.4 Apache compiled from source instead of the canned 2.x binaries from Centos). Now to figure out how to archive mail. No idea yet where to plugin or filter email but that is the critical feature I need to provide. The dbmail at a quick glance looks like a good storage medium. Now to get the mail there and properly sorted for easy retrieval..

    So to keep the rest of the system normal I'd only want to scoop a copy of mail before it leaves or sent to a mailbox. The dbmail or other means has only a copy and not used in normal mail.

    Despite a few people saying it is simple I've yet to find anyone that has actually done it and willing to share.

    Stay warm.
  6. pablito

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