Error after PEAR reconfiguration

Discussion in 'General' started by kernelpanic, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. kernelpanic

    kernelpanic New Member

    Hi all, im facing problems after a couple of modifications i made on my perfect server install..
    All was working good, but today i decide to install horde.. I follow the steps from here but installation hangs on "Creating and updating database tables".
    After this, i kill the installation, i uninstall horde according to the horde officla pages, but this procedure delete my PEAR folder under /usr/share/php
    I reinstall pear whitout any problem, but now every page on my server shows the default htm "welcome to your website".
    Can you guys guide me for fix this problem?
    Thanks you
  2. kernelpanic

    kernelpanic New Member

    thanks you all for your help! anyway, in the fight with ispconfig i realized that status advisor on top menu is not so trusty.. i delete twoo domains y add previous the error and thats fix the problem.
    sorry my english, im a latino and im drunk.

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