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Discussion in 'General' started by docmur, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. docmur

    docmur New Member

    I configured our system a couple of days ago, I could login and everything was happy. Today I tried to login and I'm getting that error when I give the correct user / pass.

    I checked the database configurations and my ispconfig user can see all the tables and access everything, the same with root, so I don't know what's causing the issue.

    Has anyone ran into this? I used google, but the answered didn't seem to help.

  2. VANKO

    VANKO New Member

    Is MySQL / mariaDB service working?
    Check it using command
    netstat -tap | grep mysql
  3. docmur

    docmur New Member

    I gave up trying to use it, my boss wanted to implement it to make the administration easier on the Linux servers for himself, but all it really did was make it more complicated, more convoluted and annoying. I can do the work faster on the command line and with far less problems, thanks anyway.
  4. Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Hmm, there weren't much informations to really help :/
    For instance, was it a clean setup? Which operating system? Did you mean login issue with the panel itself?
    Did you have any issues during the installation? Did you check if the correct database credentials have been saved in ispconfig config-file?
    Did you check wether all services are running?
    Any details in the log files? Tried to display/log errors at php execution of the panels site?
    Reset the admin password for ispconfig by using mysql cli could help sometimes, too.
  5. docmur

    docmur New Member

    I checked everything, solved it after a couple hours. The main configuration file had the wrong password in it, after I changed it twice, finally on the third go, it stuck.

    Problems like that drive me away from programs quickly. Anyway it doesn't matter, ISPConfig was saving no time, it did a poor sloppy job of server configurations and basically was a mess. It doesn't matter, I went back to the command line, the way it should be done in the first place.
  6. Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Sad to hear that a really useful tool didn't work out for you. I did tons of setups with ispconfig which usually are very quick and easy done due to some scripting and customization of the installed packages.
    However it usually just works even after messing around and doing system upgrades and whatnot.
    I've been "fiddling" around on CLI for many years for myself and also had to manage different panels which were not open source / required specific packages to be installed making some things incompatible or installed precompiled insecure software.
    I do understand you may need/want the freedom to just hack some things on CLI - but make sure you do proper documentation so someone else might help out if needed.
    And do you really want to be responsible for every customers need like changing ssl keys, passwords, mail accounts and whatnot - it gets time consuming, too - at least that was the issue for me, why I do use ready tools.

    Oh and you don't have to use mod_php or apache mpm_prefork, in fact it's just legacy support. And thanks to custom templates vor vhosts and such it's really easy to have one file to manage if you need custom stuff for every site.

    But I'm talking, sorry for that =) What probably could help would be:

    - What operating system did you use?
    - Which database server?
    - Which guide did you use?
    - Did you do a clean install?
    - Were there any changes in the procedure before the installation?
    - Any issues in the installation log or while the installation of the packages/ispconfig software?

    Maybe there could be some hints to improve the software for other users. Thanks :)
  7. docmur

    docmur New Member

    We did the install, it was fine, two days later, tried to login after not even touching the server and ISPConfig was bricked.

    - What operating system did you use?
    Ubuntu Linux
    - Which database server?
    - Which guide did you use?
    A guide from Digital Ocean, install worked initially
    - Did you do a clean install?
    - Were there any changes in the procedure before the installation?
    Nope, fresh KVM Install
    - Any issues in the installation log or while the installation of the packages/ispconfig software?

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  8. Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Thank you, I assume it was
    Which looks really dashed together - a shame, they just could have linked to the original howto which goes trough the installation step by step in a logical order which may reduce some issues.
    Digital Ocean also forgets to mention that things like suphp and mailing lists are optional among some other things. Also the support for jailkit is completly missing.

    Thank you for your feedback.
  9. docmur

    docmur New Member

    Well in either case it's still quicker to use the command line.
  10. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    And you think that files change on their own? ISPConfig is not even able to alter its main configuration file, only the ispconfig installer can do that and the installer is never called by ISPConfig. So your complaint against ISPConfig is basically a complaint that you or another admin user of your server has either altered the password in the config file or in the MySQL database as you said the it worked flawlessly at the beginning. Beside that, the guide that you used are no official install instructions and they are incomplete like already pointed out, so you dont have to wonder that a software is not fuly working when you use an incomplete third party installation guide instead of the official instructions from the software vendor. Better send your complaints to digital ocean, they published this bad guide, not we.
  11. docmur

    docmur New Member

    I don't know what happened, but no one changed the password and no one changed the database, so either ISPConfig did or some other random error occurred which happened to knock out ISPConfig,.

    In either case, I don't care, it was my boss who wanted to use it, not me. If you need a web gui to configure a web server, you should stay away from web servers.
  12. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    None of us needs a GUI from a knowledge standpoint. But if you manage a larger server with a few hundred websites or if your customers need to be able to change passwords of their mail accounts, ftp users and so on or if you have a cluster like one of my customers that runs an ISPconfig cluster with about 16 thousand mail accounts then you can't write the config files without using automation tools like ISPConfig in a reasonable amount of time.
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  13. Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    If I were your boss I'd look for someone beeing able to fullfill my requirements now which might not be as arrogant.
    I could also say, why are you using ubuntu if debian is the hardcore version with less bloat? Or why do you use a distribution at all, so many bugs and errors, whoever needs to use a ready linux distribution shouldn't use linux since he's not able to build all for himself...
    oh wait yeah, it's about saving time and providing users or other employers a comfortable way to administrate their stuff without the need to bug their admins for everything or call them on holidays... but... whatever =)
    Your boss better learns how to use the console and the next person doing your job better learns how you used to configure things since I bet it's well documented beside your own GUIs build in the last months of work to make your boss happy again.
    Think about that

    I'm not telling you to use ispconfig or give it a second try but to do some thinking about what your job is/should be and stereotypical thinking / generalization of ppl is not very smart doing.
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