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Discussion in 'General' started by pyte, Jul 24, 2023.

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    I'm using the client_add function from the soap API to automatically add new customers to ISPConfig. However I've just tested the script again, which worked before, and it's running into this issue for each customer it's trying to add:
    ERROR: SoapFault exception: [database_error] Incorrect integer value: '' for column `dbispconfig`.`client`.`sys_userid` at row 1 INSERT INTO `client`
    I'm a confused as the sys_userid should be set by ISPConfig itself when using the client_add function i assume. Is there a issue with the database itself? Maybe some corrupted entries?

    The params that i hand over are as followed:
     $params = array(
                        'company_name' => trim($tmp_company_name),
                        'contact_firstname' => trim($tmp_contact_firstname),
                        'contact_name' => trim($tmp_contact_name),
                        'customer_no' => $row['customer_no'],
                        'street' => $tmp_street,
                        'zip' => $tmp_zip,
                        'city' => $tmp_city,
                        'state' => 'DE',
                        'country' => $tmp_country,
                        'telephone' => $tmp_telephone,
                        'fax' => $tmp_fax,
                        'email' => $tmp_email,
                        'internet' => $tmp_internet,
                        'web_php_options' => 'no,fast-cgi,cgi,mod,suphp',
                        'ssh_chroot' => 'no,jailkit,ssh-chroot',
                        'limit_cron' => 0,
                        'limit_cron_type' => 'url',
                        'limit_cron_frequency' => 5,
                        'limit_client' => 0,
                        'parent_client_id' => 0,
                        'username' => $row['customer_no'],
                        'password' => '',
                        'language' => 'de',
                        'usertheme' => 'default',
                        'template_master' => 1,
                        'template_additional' => '',
                        'created_at' => 0
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    Most likely the client_id you pass to that function (not in $params) does not exist. The ID must be either 0 if the client shall be assigned to the admin or it must be the client_id of an existing reseller.
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    Indeed this was one of the issue and an oversight. "client_id" was set to some testing values that are non functional anymore which caused the error in the firstplace.
    There was a 2nd issue that caused the same error which was incorrect "reseller_id" in the client_add call itself :)

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