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Discussion in 'General' started by TheRudy, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. TheRudy

    TheRudy Member

    This is just theoretical questions as i don't have my server yet and can't really check it..

    Is it possible to create extra virtual domain names on server running ISPConfig and that those domain names are not anywhere in ISPConfig or that they don't interfear with it?

    Free forum hosting offering users the ability to use their own domain name.

    On the other hand, is it possible to set just domain name in ISPConfig without hosting account and that this domain name points to for example: 'DomainName.com/user' ?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Why do you want to configure a domain manually beside ISPConfig.

    You can configure ISPConfig to provide DNS only for the domain or web only. Pointing a domain to another server is a normal situation that can be handled without manual configuration at all.
  3. TheRudy

    TheRudy Member

    Hmm, maybe you didn't understand the question or i don't understand your reply :D

    I don't want a domain name to be poiting to another server. I want to offer users free forum registration and their address would be for example: http://www.forumdomain.com/user_name
    but if user wanted their own domain name for forum instead of using the above, he would simply buy that domain name and 'http://www.forumdomain.com/user_name' would change to 'http://www.hisDomainName.com' and forum will stay on the same server!

    Thing is that with each new user registration, no new users are created on linux part, only DB's in MySQL for forum and they all use 1 forum engine.
    Creating virtual hosts manually would fix this simply by poiting http://www.forumdomain.com/user_name TO http://www.hisDomainName.com or some sort of redirection ON THE SAME SERVER, right? I don't know any other way of doing this..

    I hope its clearer what i want.. Multi forums with ability to use domain name instead of our default address..
  4. hastlaug

    hastlaug New Member

    If the user wants his domain to point on the subdirectory, there are several possibilities:

    1) He buys his domain somewhere else, and the isp where he buys the domain has to take care that the domain is redirected correctly. No work for you.

    2) He buys the domain somewhere and the ip points to your server. In this case you have to enter it on your server. That's possible with ISPConfig, just enter it als Co-Domain and forward it to the wanted subdirectory
  5. TheRudy

    TheRudy Member

    If that was that easy.. ;)

    How multi forums work: you have 1 base forum installation and each user that registers, you simply create new tables for that user. All users use THE SAME forum installation/engine!! There are NO subfolders or linux accounts created for each user. That is why i have a problem with it.. and there has to be a way around for this!

    For example:

    All this 4 users have their own forum with their own topics/posts but they all use 1 forum engine/base and each user has their own tables in DB. So when users for example visits forumdomain.com/user3, using PHP file, you load their tables that have prefix user3_.. with all user3 settings, topics and other stuff, when someone visits forumdomain.com/user2, user2_... tables are loaded..

    Now if user3 buys a domain name, they would access their forum (forumdomain.com/user3) with their own domain name while forumdomain.com/user3 would still be functional.

    Sorry if i'm bad with explaining, english not my main language and sometimes i have problems explaining what i want..

    Oh and if you guys know a better way doing this so that using domain names with ISPConfig installed, please do tell as i haven't started writting this script yet. Still in my head only ;)

    One way would be of course, creating subfolders for each user like you said, putting 1 php file there that would load the tables and in ISPConfig, point that domain name to that subfolder. Would there be a problem if for example i would have 2.000 subfolders, each containing 1 php file? If this is not the problem, i think we have a solution here.
  6. hastlaug

    hastlaug New Member

    That doesn't matter ;)

    Just install your forum, and if a user wants to have his domain setup, just add a Co-Domain, and enter as forwarding target e.g. "http://forumdomain.com/user1"

    This path won't be created and there won't be any additional user accounts created.

    Now I'm unsure what your question is...

    a) Do you want the domains to point to these (already existing) subfolders that "load" the different tables?


    b) Do you want to create these folders automatically?

    If a) -> no problem. My suggestions 1) and 2) both should work.
    If b): You need a solution independant from ISPConfig. You can of course still use ISPConfig to redirect domains to subfolders, but for creating these (possibly virtual) folders you need something else.

    You could e.g. create ONE php file that accepts a GET-parameter containing the table prefix (ATTENTION: Be aware of SQL injection attacks!) and redirect virtual folders with the help of a .htaccess file to this php file, automatically filling the parameter.
  7. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    hastlaug is right, you can do it this way. :)

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