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    Hi folks,

    Archlinux 86_64 2007-08-2 (as workstation)
    Evolution - mail client
    GNOME desktop

    Ubuntu 7.04 server amd64 (as mail server)
    Postfix - mail server
    HylaFax server

    I'm prepared to setup following faxing service on Archlinux;

    Send fax direct on application, such as OOo, gedit, etc., with print command. It is similar to Symantic WinFax on Windows working as a Windows printer.

    Email to fax
    Send fax as email via HylaFax server on Ubuntu. Fax will be saved as .pdf/.tiff format and attached to the email to dispatch. The email body will be the cover page.

    But I can't figure out how to achieve my goal. Could you please shed me some light. TIA

    Send fax direct on application

    I found "WinPrint HylaFax" which is a suitable application for this purpose.


    But it runs on Windows. I don't consider running it on "wine" (I have no idea whether it runs on "wine" or not)

    Then I found gfax;


    I don't know whether it can achieve my goal - "send fax direct on application with "Print"? Any other suggestion?

    Do I still need installing HylaFax on Archlinux?

    Email to fax

    Do I need install HylaFax on Archlinux? OR make use of the Ubuntu mail server for its dispatch?


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    Hylafax actually runs on linux and turns a linux server into a full Fax machine, I set one up here and installed a windows printer on windows clients, a linux printer on the linux machines. The hylafax server itself sends out emails to different group boxes based on rules I set up. more info can be found on hylafax.org including configuration examples. like http://www.ifax.com/component/option,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,7/Itemid,97/

    *edit, misread your message.

    there should be a cups printer for hylafax which makes it avail to any app. but cant find it atm
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