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  1. papaqube

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    Hi guys

    I am a newbie to linux, FC, web/mail servers and this site. i must say all are great so far.

    I am in the process of installing FC4 via the perfect install tutorial, and i have hit a stumbling block that is makin g me go hmmmmmm :confused: what is goes here:

    In the network setting which DNS am i using:
    * My router ip;
    * my ISP DNS ip; or
    * ns @ zoneedit.com ip.

    Already within my LAN i have a win2k pdc. This is used as (ADS) profile & file server with the domain mydomain.local. The linux server is in the domain mydomain.com offered by the router. Once the web/mail (linux) server is set up, i am think about possibly transferring the win server to the router domain as local.mydomain.com for continuety

    Any help would be great, many thanks
  2. falko

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    If your router has a DNS server, then yes.
    That should also work.
    If these are resolving nameserver, it should work, too.

    But you can simply use the DNS server mentioned in the tutorial ( and on page 2 ( http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_fedora_core_4_p2 ).

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