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  1. HarshReality

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    Remember linux noob..
    (I know "you have no business doing this type of config")
    During shutdown I get an NFS FAIL & at the end killall runs prior to postfix shutdown (cant imagine why).

    How can I turn NFS off (do I need to) and is there a way to clarify shutdown order so I can turn off postfix before killall?

    Thanks for not bashing me ;)
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  2. HarshReality

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    Also out of curiosity (I know size varies) but I figured for personal use to use a 20G HDD now with linux on it I have the following statsper your control panel:


    is the specs for / acurate at all? Seems like they should be reversed.

    ** I spot my own stupidity the tables are out of whack LOL
  3. till

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    Yes, the HTML table is broken, but only in Fedora installs, we have to fix this.

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