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    I've got myself a postfix/courier setup working on an internal server. However I'd like to fetch all email's from a particular gmail account and then have postfix process them according to their original designated email address. Is this possible? All the fetchmail articles I'm reading seem to assume a pop3 account belongs to a single user.

    I've got a domain, i.e. mydomain.com, however I've got a catch-all setup so that all emails end up forwarded to a single gmail account, [email protected] for example. That's handled by the domain registrar.

    I'm trying to get fetchmail to get all emails from [email protected] and then forward them to the <whatever>@mydomain.com mailbox on the local server.

    Is this possible to do with fetchmail/postfix?

    I've been trying to no avail with the following

    set daemon 600
    poll pop.gmail.com with proto POP3 and options no dns
    envelope X-Envelope-To
    user '[email protected]' with password 'password' to * here options ssl keep smtphost localhost
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