Few questions regarding naming convention and migration of cPanel to ISPConfig

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Clouseau, Nov 9, 2014.

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    this is my first post here :) I have a few questions regarding naming convention in ISPConfig3.

    1) database prefix, database user prefix, ftp prefix an other prefixes - Can they be changed on the fly? I mean, if I have 25 users with default naming cheme and then if I decide to switch to some other scheme like no ftp and shell prefix, no database user prefix, will it work? This I ask only for in theory.

    Here is the main problem:
    I will have to take over cpanel hosting with about 100 users. I want to switch from cpanel to ISPConfig because I'm a sysadmin that is used to comandline so cpanel pretty sux for me and I don't wanna pay for a licence because I don't need cpanel gui for managing. Naming convention of cpanel is like this:
    database name - username_dbname
    ftp user,shell user,database user - username

    So, when I install ISPConfig to new server, I could change default scheme to this:
    Database name prefix - [CLIENTNAME]_
    Database user prefix - EMPTY
    FTP user prefix - EMPTY
    Shell user prefix - EMPTY
    Webdav user prefix - EMPTY

    Above naming convention would be the same as like in cpanel. After I migrate 100 users, I could leave the naming convention like this. What if I decide then to change that naming convention to default one on ISPConfig because I think it is smarter, would there be problems, especially when doing ispconfig upgrades? Or should I just leave it like that and use it for newcomers? If I leave it like in cpanel, would I encounter any problems, especially during ispconfig upgrades? I know that renaming of domain would be a problem but I would not allow that, would allow only creation of new domain and migrating stuff...

    I really don't see any other option here, other than contacting every client and doing one client per migration, reseting all the passwords and telling them to switch DNS entries to new server in their domain registrar. The DNS problem could be circumvented by per client basis migration, in old server edit zone file, add A record to new server. After I migrate all the customers, transfer dns, edit all the zone files, delete all A records etc.

    2) I could get clientname encrypted passwords in cpanel from shadow file so no plain text when creating users,db,ftp etc. in ISPConfig, so how can I transfer passwords ie. of email users? I could just insert encrypted passwords from shadow file to a new shadow file of a given client, but what about email passwords?
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    1) The latest ispconfig versions support it that prefixes are changed after you created users as the prefix is stored in a separate column in the database for every record, so the system knows which record useses which prefix.

    2) ISPConfig uses for all passwords the Linux standard crypt-md5 with salt. So you shuld be able to copy over the encrypted passwords from shadow file into the ispconfig database.
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    Got it. Tnx till :)

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